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German Language Courses

Level: A1, A2, B1, B2.1, B2.2, C1, C1 and Exam preparation

We offer German language courses in small groups of an average size of 10 participants and the focus is on the four language skills like: listening, reading, writing and speaking. An optimal mix of language knowledge is stressed and an excess of passive vocabulary is avoided.

Course Level Course duration Fee Participants (Max.) Register
Level A1 60 days 12000/- 10 Book Now
Level A2 60 days 15000/- 10 Book Now
Level B1 60 days 18000/- 10 Book Now
Level B2.1 60 days 20000/- 10 Book Now
Level B2.2 60 days 20000/- 10 Book Now
Level C1 60 days 20000/- 10 Book Now
Level C2 60 days 20000/- 10 Book Now
Exam Preparation 15 days 5000/- 10 Book Now

Books and Study materials prices are included in course fees.

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